12 year son after seeing her mother was having illicit relation with boyfriend, then…

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EstoryDoor: You will be shock after hearing a new case of crime which has recently surfaced. Yes, the husband used to work in Delhi and the wife lived alone at home with her five-year-old son. While the second son of the woman used to study in the hostel. Meanwhile, the wife had a love affair with a young man, and when the son came from the hostel and stayed in the house in lockdown, all the secrets began to open in front of him, which he did not like. Meanwhile, when the mother felt that the son was coming to know, the mother got the son dead from the lover. The matter is being reported from Gopalganj in Bihar.

Recently, the Gopalganj police has disclosed an incident in the past Sunday, in which the mother forcibly killed her own son to death from his lover. In fact, this incident which took place in the Deurian village of Kateya police station, about 60 km from the district headquarters of Gopalganj, embarrassed the relationship. In this case, when police reached his house on May 10 to investigate the murder of 12-year-old Kishore Manish Kumar, the mother of the deceased Manish Dharmashila Devi was pleading with the police to apprehend the killers of the son and bring him justice.

At the same time, after seeing the tears of mother, no one could understand that she had done this. Mother said that the strikers had killed her son in hostility. At the same time, when the police investigated, one such secret was revealed in front of them that they suspected the mother of the deceased and after that they questioned, the whole truth was revealed. One day son Manish saw mother in objectionable condition, due to which mother did so. Now the police have arrested both the mother and her lover.

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