Arrest warrant issued against US President Trump, Iran seeks help from Interpol

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Tehran, AP. Iran has issued an arrest warrant against US President Donald Trump, the world’s most powerful country. Iran has asked Interpol for help in arresting dozens of others, including President Trump. According to the news agency AP, on Monday, a local lawyer has informed that this arrest warrant against Trump has been issued for the drone strike in Baghdad, in which Iran’s top general Qasim Suleimani was killed. .

There is no danger of the US President being arrested with this warrant from Iran, but it is sure to increase the tension between the two countries. Be aware that Tehran’s nuclear deal with the world powers, while separating itself from the United States, imposed many restrictions on it. Since then, there has been a tense situation between the two countries.

In a briefing to the news agency, Tehran advocate Ali Alqasimehr reported that Iran has accused 30 other people along with US President Trump in a January 3 drone strike. Iran’s top commander, General Qasim Sulemani, was killed in this drone attack by the US in Baghdad. The US considered Iranian General Sulaimani guilty of murder and terrorism and had been looking for a general for a long time.

After the arrest warrant was issued, Iran is now attempting to issue a Red Corner Notice against Interpol, US President Donald Trump and others accused in the drone attack. Interpol issues Red Corner notices for wanted international criminals in very serious cases. The local authorities then request Interpol to arrest the wanted on behalf of their country. This notice cannot compel the country concerned to arrest or extradite a wanted person. However, on the basis of this notice, the local government may ban his visits, keeping an eye on the wanted.

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