Britney Spears who danced after 6 months broke her bone during dancing, actress share her video

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Hollywood’s famous star Britney Spears is once again in the news. Let us tell you that recently she shared a video on her Instagram account. Through this video, she has told the fans about the incident of breaking his leg. In this video, Britney Spears is seen dancing a lot at first, but after a short time something happened, which causes her to sit with her feet.

While sharing this video, Britney Spears wrote – I had not danced for six months, so I was dancing in full swing. And yes, I also knew that I was barefoot. Not to laugh, but I can make grips barefoot better. But you can hear where I broke my leg … Sorry, the voice sounds too loud. ‘

In this video, she is seen in a yellow color bikini. In addition, she is wearing black shorts. At the same time, fans are continuously commenting after watching this video.

Britney Spears is very active on social media. Often she share her photos and videos on social media. Earlier, Britney Spears boyfriend shared pictures from the hospital. In these pictures, she was seen lying in the emergency room of the hospital. At the same time, Britney’s legs are visible in the share video. On which the plaster is mounted and the word ‘Stronger’ is written on it.

Sharing these pictures of Britney Spears, her boyfriend wrote- ‘When you break something, it becomes even stronger because of fixing it. My lioness has broken her metatarsal bone while dancing. I wish him to get well soon, so that she can run again and dance. ‘

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