Actress Sophie Turner seen protesting on the streets of America, pictures went viral

Washington: There has been a continuous protest against racisim in the US for the past several days. Many celebrities have participated in this performance. At the same time, actress Sophie Turner has also participated in this protest. She recently joined the protest on the streets with her husband Joe Jonas, but no one got the […]

HBO MAX: A New Online Streaming Platform Will Give A Tough Fight To NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME VIDEO Know All About in Details

New Delhi The corona virus has impacted the entire world. Changes in people’s behavior and habits are being anticipated. The most important thing among all of these is that people are shifting to online streaming platforms very fast. Netflix has also received considerable investment. Disney has introduced Disney Plus, which is coming to India with […]

Twilight fame actor Gregory Tyre found dead with girlfriend in apartment

EstoryDoor: Actor Gregory Tyre, who appeared in the 2008 film Twilight, has passed away. At just 30 years old, Gregory was found dead at her home in Las Vegas. Twilight fame actor Gregory Tyre and his girlfriend passed away USA Today confirmed the news of Gregory Tyre’s death. Reportedly, his girlfriend Natalie Adepoju along with […]

Megan Fox to be separated from husband Brian Austin Green again

EstoryDoor: Megan’s husband Brian Austin Green wrote the post on Instagram after seeing pictures of Hollywood’s famous model Megan Fox hanging out with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Actually, he has factored in a recent Instagram post about the release of a butterfly. G. Recently, the actor confirmed that he and Fox had decided to separate […]

Jennifer Lawrence is the mistress of uncountable wealth

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has been recognized worldwide as an ‘action woman’ through the Hunger Games Series, has seen the action of all on screen. At the same time, you will also know about his immense wealth, but perhaps someone will remember the entire journey from a farm in earthworm to become the highest […]

Watch Hollywood’s best movies sitting in lockdown

Everyone is imprisoned at home due to Corona. Because of this, everyone is doing something new to erase their boredom in the house. Today we are going to tell you about those Hollywood films. Which has been a super hit. Hollywood films are praised all over the world. Hollywood films not only give viewers something […]

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet dating each other? here is the answer

There have been many reports about lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio of film Titanic and lead actress Kate Winslet. The two were once spotted celebrating holiday together and pictures in their swim suit went viral very fast. In those pictures, she was walking in a swim suit by the sea with arms in both her arms. […]

Tom Cruise to shoot his next film in Space, NASA confirms the news

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise keeps his fans happy through his powerful acting and actions. He always seems to be trying something new for his fans. In such a situation, he has once again given such a news to his fans, which has surprised everyone. According to the information received, the actor is now preparing for […]

Watch Marvel, DC and many more your Super heroes altogether in New Short Movie release at the time of Corona Virus, full video here

Apart from Bollywood in India, Hollywood is also suffering from Corona because even after the lock down in America, Corona is not taking the name of havoc. All countries want to be free from this pandemic at any cost. All are giving their own participation to deal with this problem. Meanwhile, superheroes are also seen […]

Porn star Mia Khalifa wedding postpones due to Corona Virus Lock down, see her 8 Bold pics

Adult film star Mia Khalifa was to marry her boyfriend Robert Sandberg this year. They were to be married in June 2020. But in view of the devastation spread due to Corona virus, she has postponed her marriage. She has given information about this on social media. Mia Khalifa has given information about postponing wedding […]