This mansion can be yours for only 95 Rupees, you will have to do this work…

London. Have you ever thought that the price of a mansion can be just 1 British pound i.e. around 95 rupees. A mansion in Arbroath is going to be auctioned in Scotland, with an initial price of just one pound. Actually this mansion is quite beautiful to see but under the city law it has […]

Unhappy with breakup, drunken woman breaks plane window, had to make emergency landing

Beijing In China, a case has come to light in which a woman has tried to intentionally crash a plane (Plane crash). According to the news, this woman had a breakup and after that she drank a lot of alcohol on the plane and started making uproar. When people was tried to stop it, she […]

This is how this ‘Nude Yoga Girl’ do yoga, Watch these photos before Yoga Day

EstoryDoor: Yoga day is on 21st of this month. People get excited about this. Yoga makes life easy. People abroad are crazy about yoga. This is how a ‘yoga girl’ is. This yoga girl puts her yoga photos on her account on Instagram. People like these photos very much. This woman is famous on Instagram […]

Know the reason why Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, virushkadivorce is Trending on Twiiter

New Delhi: Ever since the release of ‘Paatal lok’, produced under Anushka Sharma’s production on the digital platform, she has been in controversy. ‘Paatal lok’ has shown many such disputed lyrics and scenes, due to which BJP has become very angry with Anushka Sharma. The controversy escalated then BJP MLA Nandkishore Gujjar had demanded divorce […]

12 year son after seeing her mother was having illicit relation with boyfriend, then…

EstoryDoor: You will be shock after hearing a new case of crime which has recently surfaced. Yes, the husband used to work in Delhi and the wife lived alone at home with her five-year-old son. While the second son of the woman used to study in the hostel. Meanwhile, the wife had a love affair […]

This haunted mansion is in England, suddenly people disappeared living here

EstoryDoor: Sometimes we get to see something that is very difficult to believe. At the same time, there is a deserted mansion located in King Langley village of England, whose look inside and outside does not believe people eyes seeing why this has happened. This mansion named ‘Hertfordshire Manson’ looks no less than a ‘ghostly […]

This is the most expensive water bottle in the world, a bottle is worth 42 lakh rupees

EstoryDoor: We all know how important water is in life. If you are thirsty and do not get water, then it seems you will die. According to a research, a man can live for four weeks without eating, but can live only for 4 days without water. Usually, when we travel by railway, a bottle […]

In this way make your partner ready for sex

The Kamsutra of Vatsyayana mentions 64 ways of sexual intercourse, some of which are meant to provoke your partner. Here we will talk about those methods. These are the ways through which you can excite your partner for sex. Touch the partner This is the easiest way to get someone excited for sex. If your […]

Reason why women has more lust of sex than men

Today we are going to tell you something similar that you will be surprised to know. It is also a disease that yearns to have sex. Sometimes sex becomes a necessity and also necessary, due to which women and men suffer. Actually, there is also a disease of sex, due to which the woman starts […]

The most expensive Golgappa is available in this hotel in India, the price of one piece will blow your senses

Everyone likes Golgappa In India, this is known by many names. At the same time, Golgappa is always known as India’s most favorite snack. Being a mouth-watering snack for just Rs 20 or Rs 10, there is no doubt in accepting it as main street food. However, the price of Golgappa in a restaurant in […]