Just use the soaked towel during sex, your fun will increase.

EstoryDoor: You can always be bored by having sex in the bedroom, at night and only in missionary positions and this can cause a spark of love between you. Therefore, to strengthen your love, you should enjoy sex in different positions and different places of the house. You can try different props to maintain the […]

You can enjoy sex in this way even after normal or caesarean delivery

EstoryDoor: Whether delivery is normal or caesarean. After delivery, the body takes time to return to normal. Hence, doctors also advise to keep the gap for at least 4 to 6 weeks before sex again after delivery. This gives the cervix time to stop and if any kind of shaking is needed in the body, […]

By this thing, the fun of sex will become even more double

EstoryDoor: In today’s time we all are well aware that to what extent sex is important for human life, the increasing excitement about sex in men and women every day is proof that they are excited to have sex. Or not, your sex life is not good and if you are not satisfied with your […]

In this way, women can please their husband or lover during sex

EstoryDoor: If you want to please your boyfriend or husband, then there is no better way than sex. But before doing this particular sex, you should make some important preparations. So that your plan to please your partner with sex does not fail. First of all, choose a deodorant with a slow but seductive aroma […]

This method will satisfy women at one time during sex

Everyone wants him to have better sex with his female partner. But have you ever thought that men put their sexual desires in front of their female partner. But have you ever wondered what kind of sex your female partner likes. The most successful methods of sex: Before sex, please arouse excitement in your female […]