Tips to make Ugly feet into beautiful, Follow these things

Often we keep our body clean, but we are unable to pay attention to the cleanliness of the feet, the cleanliness of the feet should be done at a fixed interval. For this, apart from regular cleaning, you can also resort to pedicure. Before pedicuring, remove the nail polish on the nails. Then pour your […]

Do not commit these mistakes while washing hair, it will become rough and start falling

Hair problems and hair loss problems are often seen in girls and women, for this it is important to take care of some things, one of them is to wash the hair while taking care of them, yes, while washing hair, we often do some such mistakes. Due to which the hair becomes weak and […]

To get relief in summer, you should include these bras on the list

In summer, you should wear such clothes in scorching sun and sweat, which are relieving heat, so when choosing clothes in summer, their material should be taken care of. Along with this, under garments should be specially chosen otherwise, due to sweat, many types of skin problems start to flourish, so choosing the right bra […]

Different Types of Make-up for parties, Everyone eyes will be on for you

On hearing the name of the party, a different excitement starts, so for some girls, being ready for the party is like a challenge. This is because they do not know the correct way of makeup. But it is not necessary to be ready with loud makeup for the party every time. In addition to […]

Beard Growth Tips: Follow these tips to get a long BEARD, see handsome

Beard Growth Tips: Nowadays the trend of having long bears is going on. Everyone is holding long beards to look dashing and handsome. Some people associate long beard with a domineering look. Due to which people are competing to keep long bears. However, people whose hormone balance remains. It is not a problem for them […]

Try these 5 easy makeup tips to look special on Republic Day

After the first festival of the year, Lohri and Makarsankranti, now Republic Day will be celebrated across the country on Sunday. This is a day which every Indian celebrates with pride and enthusiasm, on this day the Constitution of India came into force in the year 1950. Apart from celebrating the largest democracy and constitution […]