Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020: Significance Theme and Safety tips during Periods

Menstrual Cleanliness Day (World Periods Day) has been celebrated worldwide for the last five years. The main reason to celebrate it on the 28th is that women have periods within 28 days. Most women do not talk openly about periods, nor are they aware of the precautions to be taken during this period. There is […]

Try these Home Remedies to get rid of Snoring

EstoryDoor: There are many people around the world who snore but snoring is not a good sign for health. In fact, people often do different kinds of efforts to get rid of them, but to get relief from snoring people do not try home remedies which is very beneficial. Today we are going to tell […]

Do this quick Home Remedy to get periods quickly

EstoryDoor: Often, when girls have to go on a trip or plan to go somewhere, then they have to take care of their period dates. At the same time, due to this, the plan has to be canceled and sometimes it happens that the periods are late and the problem increases. In such a situation, […]

E-cigarette is as dangerous as tobacco cigarette to heart, research revealed

Washington. E-cigarettes are also as dangerous to the heart as tobacco cigarettes are. This is revealed in a research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Jessica L. Fitterman, assistant professor at Boston University School of Medicine, said in her study that many people think e-cigarettes are not more dangerous and are safer […]

This home recipe is the most effective in Periods (Menstruation Cycle) pain

In today’s time, we all find a home remedy for any disease because we think it will be more effective and good. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about saffron. In fact, the consumption of saffron rich in medicinal properties also removes many health problems. Yes, along with increasing the […]

Tulsi is a boon for health, know what are the benefits

Many things are beneficial for health. In this case, these include Tulsi leaves. Let us tell you that against cytotoxic infection, T cytokines increase the production of immune cells like NK (nature killer) cells and T lymphocytes. In such a situation, Tulsi has immune-modulatory elements, due to which it is also helpful in strengthening the […]

Not just protein, these nutrients are also necessary to lose weight

Losing weight is a very difficult task. To lose weight, special attention needs to be given to diet and fitness. Metabolism is the most important role in losing weight. People whose metabolism works well lose weight quickly compared to other people. Apart from this, diet also matters a lot in weight gain. Therefore, it is […]

Full cream milk does not increase fat, toned milk is dangerous for health!

Due to low cholesterol, people use toned milk more than full cream milk. But do you know toned milk is more harmful for your child’s health. This has been confirmed in a research conducted in Canada. In this research, children who drink full cream milk have been found to be less prone to obesity. Whereas, […]

Use these positions while having sex, your fun will increase

By the way, standing up position is not a new position in the case of sex, but if you have not tried it yet, then try it in this new year. If you want, you can add a twist to it. Ask your partner to lift you in your lap and you wrap your legs […]

Myth-Fact / Can alcohol sanitizer and face mask protect against coronavirus?

Health desk. Can alcohol sanitizers and face masks also prevent coronavirus? Many such questions are going on in the minds of people and are being shared on social media. The logic of scientists in answering these questions is something else. Know the answers to some such questions … Confusion: Alcoholic gel and sanitizer does not […]