Landslide caused major destruction in Myanmar, more than 113 people died, many missing

Yangon, IANS. Landslides in Myanmar have caused massive devastation amid worldwide outbreak of Corona virus epidemic. About 113 people have died due to landslides at the Jade mine in Pekan area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKachin region of northern Myanmar. Officials said that at least 113 bodies have been recovered so far in this incident on Thursday. At […]

Putin’s constitutional reforms in Russia received huge support, may remain in power until 2036

Moscow, Reuters. The Russian people voted heavily for constitutional changes, opening the door for Vladimir Putin to remain in power until 2036. With this, he can become President twice more. Official results were published on Thursday after counting 99.9% of ballots. Putin, who has been President or Prime Minister for more than two decades in […]

First arrest in Hong Kong under disputed law, people seeking independence

Hong Kong: Hong Kong police made the first arrest on Wednesday under the new National Security Act implemented by the Chinese government (China). Earlier, thousands of people demonstrated against this controversial move on the anniversary of the handing over of the British colony to Chinese rule. Police said that at least ten people have been […]

Coronavirus: Corona virus breaks all records in America, 52,000 new cases a day

Washington, Agency. In America, the corona virus has broken all records. In the United States, 52 thousand new cases of Corona have been recorded in the last 24 hours. This is the highest number of infected patients a day. In America, the number of people infected with corona has crossed 26 lakh. Corona cases in […]

Donald Trump did not stop his words, told the leader of this country- Stupid

Washington: Explosive information is coming out one after another about the current term of US President Donald Trump. According to a report, his close aides felt that while talking on the phone with other global leaders, Trump was a threat to national security. According to media reports, many key figures in his administration, including former […]

White House Press Secretary mocked after saying Trump is most informed person

Washington: White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is currently on social media. They are constantly being tweeted and mocked. In fact, Kayleigh McEnany said something about President Donald Trump’s revelation of the Russian conspiracy to kill American soldiers, which is not easy for people to digest. Just since then, they are being targeted. The New […]

Gas leak in northern Iran, horrific explosion in medical center, 19 people dead

Tehran, Agencies An explosion and fire at a medical facility north of Iran’s capital Tehran has killed 19 people. According to a regional official, the accident occurred due to a gas leak. News agency Sputnik quoted a statement given to a YJC news outlet by a deputy head of the Tehran police that the oxygen tank […]

Mask Politics in US: New York Governor urges Trump to sign Executive order necessitating wearing masks

New York, Agency. Amidst mask politics in the US, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked President Donald Trump to issue an executive order to wear the mask. The New York governor said this at a time when Trump had arrived at his Tulsa election rally in the midst of the Corona epidemic in America […]

Big news! TikTok withdraws from Google Play and Apple store after 59 Chinese apps were banned in India

EstoryDoor: India has banned 59 Chinese apps on Monday night. After this big decision of the government, the popular app Tiktok which is in the list has been removed from the Google play store. Not only this, it has been revealed that it has also been deleted from the Apple play store. Among the banned […]