Landslide In Nepal: Five dead, three missing as landslides sweeps houses in western Nepal

Kathmandu, ANI. Five bodies have been recovered from the debris due to landslides in at least three houses in Kushma Municipality-3 of Parbat district in western Nepal. However, three people have also gone missing due to incessant rains since Saturday. A local official confirmed this. While speaking on the phone to News ANI, ward chief […]

Protest by youth in Nepal, government’s failure to handle corona virus situation

Kathmandu, ANI. The youth protested when the government failed in the Corona virus crisis in Nepal. The youth protested on the roads keeping in mind the social distancing. Demonstrators demanded that the government handle the Corona crisis properly. In Nepal, the number of infected people has crossed 5 thousand, while the death toll has reached […]

Nepal reports high COVID 19 cases among young people aged between 21 and 30 years

Kathmandu, IANS. Amid growing cases of corona virus in Nepal, its increasing infection among young people is becoming a cause for concern. According to official figures the Government of Nepal has reported a high number of COVID-19 cases among people between 21 and 30 years of age. According to the report of the news agency […]

Nepal: Attack on MP Sarita Giri’s house, after she opposed the revised map of Nepal

Kathmandu: Some unknown people have attacked the house of MP Sarita Giri, who opposed the controversial Constitution amendment of Nepal government. The attackers have also warned them to leave the country while vandalizing. According to the information, the MP had informed the police in this regard, but no one reached for her help. Even her […]

TIKTOK video of former Nepal princess and her daughter on social media

New Delhi: The TIK TOK video has reached the former royal family of Nepal as well. A TIk-TOK video of former Nepal princess Himani Shah and her two daughters dancing to a Nepali song has gone viral. Himani has appeared on TIk-TOK for the first time. Her daughter Purnika has recently created her TIk-TOK account […]

Former Nepal minister’s son was running D-Company activities, also linked to Pakistani intelligence agency

Kathmandu, IANS. Younus Ansari, son of former Nepal minister Salim Mian Ansari, is lodged in the Nakhku Jail in Lalitpur, the safest place, nine km from Tribhuvan International Airport. Yunus, now chairman of the now-defunct National TV Group, is facing charges of running an organized crime syndicate involved in the smuggling of high-quality counterfeit Indian […]

On the instigation of China, Nepal now threatens India for war, said – Our army also knew to fight

New Delhi / Kathmandu: Nepal, jumping at the instigation of China, has now started threatening India with war. Nepali Defense Minister Ishwar Pokhrel says that the Nepalese army will respond to India if needed. Pokharel expressed displeasure over the recent remarks of the Indian military chief, saying that our army is not there to talk. […]

Nepal pulls back on map dispute, postponed discussion on amendment in constitution

Kathmandu, ANI. Nepal, which published a new map showing some areas of India as its own, has retraced its steps on this issue. According to the news agency ANI, the Constitution of Nepal was to be amended to update the map of the country for which the proposal was to be proposed in Parliament on […]

Is there a Chinese connection between India and Nepal for tension? Know what is the whole matter

New Delhi: Amphan is wreaking havoc on India battling Coronavirus. The country was struggling with epidemics and natural disaster that China also increased the tension on the border. India also gave a reasonable answer to this, but in the meantime Nepal, considered to be India’s best friend, has changed its tone. Nepal has released a […]

Nepal’s PM said that corona infection coming from India is ‘more deadly’ than China and Italy

Kathmandu: Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the corona virus infection from India is “more deadly” than the infection from China and Italy. He also blamed those who entered India illegally for increasing the cases of Covid-19 in the country. Corona virus cases in Nepal increased to 427 on Wednesday. Oli said […]