Did Jackie Chan succumb to the corona virus? Actors are getting masks in gifts

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Corona virus has caught many countries of the world including China. So far 2800 people have died due to this disease worldwide. At the same time, a recent report claimed that Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan has also fallen victim to this virus. Now Jackie Chan has dismissed these reports on social media.

Jackie Chan has posted a photo on Instagram. With this photo, Jackie wrote- ‘This week my staff told me that this news is going on in the media all over the world that I have got corona virus. I am completely healthy and safe. ‘

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Jackie Chan writes – Many friends messaged me and asked if I was safe? I thank all of you. Your love and your concern for me are heart touching. Thank you very much
People sent masks
Jackie Chan told in an interview that fans from around the world are sending him many special gifts too. According to Jackie, these gifts also include face masks. I asked my staff to give all these gifts to some organization that distributes them to the needy.

Let us tell you that Jackie Chan founded the Dragons Heart Foundation in the year 2005. This organization caters to the urgent needs of children and old people in remote areas of China. Jackie will be seen in the film Wish Dragon, Vanguard.

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