HBO MAX: A New Online Streaming Platform Will Give A Tough Fight To NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME VIDEO Know All About in Details

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New Delhi The corona virus has impacted the entire world. Changes in people’s behavior and habits are being anticipated. The most important thing among all of these is that people are shifting to online streaming platforms very fast. Netflix has also received considerable investment. Disney has introduced Disney Plus, which is coming to India with an agreement with Hotstar. In the midst of all this, HBO Max, a TV channel producing popular shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’, has also come up.

According to a report published in news agency AP, a phone company has made a huge investment in HBO Max. After this, it has been launched in the US on Wednesday i.e. tomorrow. According to, HBO Max has been launched by Warner Media. It has about 10,000 hours of premium content available with the launch. The special thing is that world wide famous content like South Park, The Big Bang Theory and Wonder Woman are available. Apart from this, the sitcom show Friends, which will leave a mark all over the world, will also be seen here. At the same time, viewers like Netflix Originals will get to see Max Originals here.

Let us tell you that even before this three facilities of HBO were available. The first HBO Go, which required a cable subscription to watch. The audience at HBO Now did not want a cable subscription. However, most of the films were available. HBO Now subscribers can switch to HBO Max without any additional charge.

It is a special thing that at present, this facility is not available in India. When you visit HBO Max, you will find that this feature is not currently available here. It is available in the US and some select regions. Its subscription fees in the US are around US $ 14.99. Which is Rs 1,050 monthly according to India. HBO’s famous shows in India are currently available on different platforms. HBO’s famous shows in India are currently available on different platforms.

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