Hollywood actor John Cusack reacts to Delhi violence, shares videos and photos

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Violence in the North East area of ​​Delhi has worsened the situation. 20 people have lost their lives and hundreds have been injured in the violence. Several videos are surfacing on social media after the violence. Meanwhile, famous Hollywood actor Jack Cusack has also reacted to the violence in Delhi and shared videos. Jack Cusack has accused the Indian government of grieving over the violence. He has also retweeted several photos and videos on Delhi violence.

He has shared a video of the violence saying, ‘This is fascism … Delhi is burning. There is no other motive other than to insult and spread terror. See what happened in India. In the video shared by him, some people are taking a person, whose face is stained with blood. This video is quite scary and different.

At the same time, while sharing the news of the news of an English website, he tagged a person and wrote what is happening in India. At the same time, he has also shared many such pictures and videos, which are being told about the violence in Delhi. At the same time, many Bollywood celebs have also tweeted and given their reactions to the violence in Delhi.

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Let me tell you that John Cusack has tweeted earlier about the situation in India. He also shared a photo in the context of an India in December last year. Significantly, violence has been going on in Delhi for the last two days. Many people are criticizing it at the moment and are also appealing to remain calm.

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