Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson test positive for Corona Virus

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Corona virus is spreading rapidly all over the world. The effect of this virus is not only being seen on the common people, but Hollywood stars have also come in its grip. Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, who has worked in films such as Forrest Gump, Captain Phillippe and The Post, has also been hit by the Corona virus, not only the actor but his wife Rita Wilson’s test positive.

Hanks has informed by tweeting that he and his wife have been hit by the corona virus. His fans have been upset by the news of Tom Hanks being a victim of Corona virus. Fans are wishing them good health on Twitter and advising them to take care of themselves.

Let me tell you that Tom Hanks and his wife went to Australia to shoot the film Elvis Pressley and it was here that the actor’s health deteriorated. The actor has given complete information about this on his Twitter account. Tom tweeted a photo that looks like Gloves. With this, the actor wrote, ‘Hello friends, Rita and I are in Australia. We are feeling a little tired, like it is cold, there is pain in the body, there is a slight fever also. As is going on in the world, we also went to the Corona Virus test and we were found positive. ‘He further wrote that he is following the protocol issued by the medical official’. Hanks will keep distance from people for some time now. While writing to his fans, he wrote that he will keep telling about his health.

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