In this way make your partner ready for sex

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The Kamsutra of Vatsyayana mentions 64 ways of sexual intercourse, some of which are meant to provoke your partner. Here we will talk about those methods. These are the ways through which you can excite your partner for sex. Touch the partner This is the easiest way to get someone excited for sex. If your partner is not attracted towards you, touch them with your body or hand.

Gradually touch will generate heat in the blood flow of both. On getting closer with this touch, sexual arousal increases. To gently encourage the kissing partner to go to sex, go behind him and hold him in your arms. During this time, kiss slowly increases the love between you and also creates excitement between the two. Lovely eyes whenever there is some good news, if you get some good news, try to express your love by touching your partner and putting eyes in their eyes.

It also increases sexual arousal. Suddenly filling in arms While passing through the door, in a lift or in a room alone, the partner suddenly fills in the arms of love. In such a situation, utterance arises for sex too. Do not start sexual intercourse immediately after slowly moving your entire body to the touch bed. It would be better if you touch the partner’s whole body slowly. Beginning with lips and forehead, kiss on different parts of the body. Motivate the partner to kiss.

This will relieve your / your partner’s mind and he / she will agree to have sex with you. In such a situation, do not be violent or do not rush, otherwise the partner may be angry. After touching the chest, attach the partner to the chest. This touch produces sexual arousal in both men and women.

Women start the touch with fingers on their partner’s chest, while men start the touch from the back. During this, do not hesitate to show your intention in front of your partner. If the partner is going through some kind of stress then make him feel that you are always with him. By adopting these methods, you can easily reach healthy sexual intercourse. This will also increase love in your life.­

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