Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet dating each other? here is the answer

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There have been many reports about lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio of film Titanic and lead actress Kate Winslet. The two were once spotted celebrating holiday together and pictures in their swim suit went viral very fast. In those pictures, she was walking in a swim suit by the sea with arms in both her arms. Since then, news of their affair started coming and both came into the discussion. At the same time, Kate gave her statement on these pictures in an interview. She had said that she was there on no leave but to collect grants for the foundation of Leonardo DiCaprio.

At the same time, both were participating in the auction and that was why they were together. Well let us tell you all, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet worked together in the Titanic film in the year 1995 and apart from this, both of them appeared in the film Revolutionary Road in 2009, playing the role of a married couple.

At the same time, during an interview, Kate told that she and Leonardo DiCaprio have a different relationship. They know a different aspect of each other and this may be the reason for working together during a Titanic film. Let us also tell you that Kate married Edward Abel Smith in the year 2012.

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