Watch Marvel, DC and many more your Super heroes altogether in New Short Movie release at the time of Corona Virus, full video here

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Apart from Bollywood in India, Hollywood is also suffering from Corona because even after the lock down in America, Corona is not taking the name of havoc. All countries want to be free from this pandemic at any cost. All are giving their own participation to deal with this problem. Meanwhile, superheroes are also seen fighting Kovid 19. Along with this news is a video in which superheroes are seen rescuing sixes of Corona virus.

For your information, let us tell you that other heroes of Hollywood movies including Deadpool, John Cena, Matrix, Terminator, Vulvarine, Ninja Turtle are also present in this video including Marvel Comics and DC Comics. In this video titled ‘United Heroes: Corona Virus’, it is seen that when most countries are lockeddown due to Kovid 19, superheroes bear the burden of getting rid of this situation. Shield’s Nick Fury takes the initiative to get the world out of this mess and collects all the ‘Heroes’ by calling Rick. They plan to remove Corona. They find a cure for it and take the responsibility to spread it all over the world.

If we talk about the video, then it is clearly seen that these super heroes go out in different parts of the world to execute their plan by dividing it into six groups. During this, they are also attacked by the dreaded virus of Corona. Some superheroes also fall prey to the virus during the fight. But in the end, the heroes succeed in defeating the virus and the whole world returns to its old form. At the end of the video, respect is shown to all the real heroes who are doing their service in this situation. The last message has been given to stay safe at home.

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