Mask Politics in US: New York Governor urges Trump to sign Executive order necessitating wearing masks

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New York, Agency. Amidst mask politics in the US, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked President Donald Trump to issue an executive order to wear the mask. The New York governor said this at a time when Trump had arrived at his Tulsa election rally in the midst of the Corona epidemic in America among his followers without wearing a mask. After this, the debate on this act of trumps started in the politics of the country. The opposition condemned this act of Trump.

Cuomo urges President Trump to do two things

Governor Cuomo has urged President Trump for two things. First, Trump signs an executive order to wear the mask to everyone and secondly use the mask himself to prevent corona spread. Explain that the opposition has accused Trump of violating all norms to prevent the spread of corona virus. The New York governor invited Trump during his press conference, through an executive order directing everyone to wear masks.

Mask made headlines during Trump’s election rally in Tulsa

President Trump’s election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma province has been in the news since the beginning. Recently, a Washington Post was quoted as saying that during this election rally, speakers with physical distance messages chanted on chairs were removed by the organizers. All this happened at a time when Corona is the most infected in America. Corona outbreak has not stopped in America. Actually, thousands of chairs were put here during the election rally. These chairs were fitted with stickers to maintain physical distance. On this sticker it was written, “Don’t sit here, please.” The newspaper claims that the organizers of the rally removed the sticker.

Washington Post presents the report with evidence

The Washington Post quoted a person involved in the incident as saying that Corona management in the US had pasted not-sit stickers on 12,000 seats in view of the security protocol. However, hours before the rally, campaigners had asked the event management to remove the sticker. Trump’s election rally got mired in controversies about this. Billboard magazine covering this election rally of Trump has shown a video removing stickers from thousands of chairs.

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