Megan Fox to be separated from husband Brian Austin Green again

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EstoryDoor: Megan’s husband Brian Austin Green wrote the post on Instagram after seeing pictures of Hollywood’s famous model Megan Fox hanging out with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Actually, he has factored in a recent Instagram post about the release of a butterfly. G. Recently, the actor confirmed that he and Fox had decided to separate after almost ten years of marriage.

Green said about her separation from Megan. “When she came back after the film shoot When we had a conversation, Megan said, “I realized when I was out of the country to work alone, I felt like belonging, and I felt better during that experience and I think maybe I Sector something worthwhile. “The further he said,” I was shocked and I was nervous about it but I can not be upset with him, and I did not bother him, because he did not feel it. This was not an option that he sincerely felt. And so we talked about it a little bit more and said, let’s do a little bit different … and that’s why we did it. “

“Since the end of the year, we’re really trying to be different and figuring out what life is now,” Green said. Let us tell you all that for Fox’s relationship with MGK ahead, Green said, “They are just friends, I don’t want people to think MGK and Megan are a villain, or I’m in any way Was a victim, because I was not. “With that he said,” We have a wonderful relationship and I will always love her, and I know she will always love me. “Let me tell you that Megan Fox Before Sector August 2015 had filed for divorce, but soon after the couple went to get together again. He is now back together is to be different.

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