More than 100 actresses accused of rape, filmmaker Winstein sentenced to 23 years imprisonment

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New York: A New York court sentenced Hollywood’s famed filmmaker Harvey Winstein to 23 years in prison for two counts of heinous rape and sexual assault. He was convicted in both cases two weeks ago. When the case of Winstein, who was the producer of many blockbuster films, opened in America, more than 100 actresses and women from many countries came forward and told their world of crisis. Weinstein denied the allegations at first but later said that he had consensual sex. After this, the Me Too campaign started in the world, in which the story of sexual exploitation by eminent people in many countries was revealed.

In one of the two cases in which Winstein is sentenced, the filmmaker sexually molested his production assistant Mimi Haley. In another case, Winstein raped Jessica Mann, trying to become a heroine. He could have been sentenced to a maximum of 29 years of imprisonment in these cases. At the time of the sentencing, Judge James Burke rejected the defense’s plea that Winstein’s health was very poor, so he should be sentenced to five years. At the time of the sentencing announcement, all six women were present in court who testified against Winstein.

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Earlier, Winstein was presented in court by handcuffing and sitting on a wheel chair. Last week, he fell unconscious in jail, then the operation of blood in his heart was smooth by putting a stent in his body. During the trial of the allegations and the trial, Winstein’s business was shut down, his business partners broke up with him and the wife divorced. Now he will face punishment in jail under conditions of illness and agony.

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