Now the shocking disclosure of the White House, every intelligence information is not given to Trump

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New York Times News Service. This news is a bit shocking but true. US President Donald Trump is not given all kinds of intelligence from the White House. The information that the White House considers necessary for the President is told only to him and the rest of the information is kept hidden.

These things are now coming to the fore. In fact, a story was published in the US website New York Times on Friday, which stated that Russia had announced a reward from the Taliban for killing military soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Russia somehow contacted the Taliban-linked militants and said that if they harm the American soldiers, they will be rewarded. President Donald Trump was not informed about this by the US Intelligence Department.

Now when former US Vice President Joe Biden came to know about it, he said that President Donald Trump is for it. He said that when Trump was given this information by the Intelligence Department, he should have punished Russia, but he did not do so.

Giving information on the matter, officials said the New York Times reported on Friday that a Russian military intelligence unit had secretly paid Taliban-linked militants to target American and coalition troops in Afghanistan, telling Trump about it. Information was given in

The White House does not regularly comment on any intelligence or internal opinion discord. The Intelligence Agency, the CIA Director, the National Security Advisor and the chief of staff all confirm that neither the President nor the Vice President had been given intelligence about this. A statement in this regard was also issued by the White House when the news in this regard was published on the New York Times website 25 hours ago.

Press Secretary Kayle McNee issued a statement in this afternoon. In a statement issued by National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe on Saturday night, the White House’s claim came true, saying such intelligence was not passed on to Trump.

The Times article also reported that the White House’s National Security Council had discussed the problem at an intergency meeting in late March but had not yet responded to the case.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called it shameful. At a virtual town hall organized by the Voter Group, Biden said such things were a gross violation of international law.

President Donald Trump did not take any action on Russia for this, instead he denied having such information only. Trump has embarrassed himself by doing so. His entire presidency has looked like a gift to Vladimir Putin.

He said that when we send the soldiers of our country to the harm places, then it is also our responsibility to save our soldiers and provide better things for them, if we do not do this then the duty of those who are doing duty for the country This is betrayal.

Giving information on the matter, officials said that such intelligence was found in interrogation of the captured Afghan militants and criminals. The officials had told that these interrogations of terrorists were kept secret, after which the administration was told about it. But the administration noticed about it in the last one week. But two days ago this shocking information also surfaced that White House officials had never told Trump about it.

One thing has also come to light that there are links between Islamic terrorists and armed criminal elements. It is also believed that he has amassed large sums of money to attack American soldiers in this way. It may be recalled that twenty Americans were killed in the war in Afghanistan in the year 2019, but at that time these killings were under suspicion.

If there is support from Russia to encourage the killing of American and other NATO troops, it is a matter of concern in itself. Knowing such things, soldiers will be angry with Russia. However, this would be the first time the Russian spy unit has adopted such a strategy to attack Western troops.

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