US: People drank hand sanitizer to escape Corona, 3 killed, others in critical condition.

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MEXICO CITY. The havoc of Corona continues throughout the world. The way to avoid this is to use the Hand Sanitizer continuously. But recently an incident has come to light that the hand sanitizer killed the people. This is the incident in Mexico, where three people died due to drinking hand sanitizer, while one person lost his eyesight. New Mexico health officials have given this information. According to a CNN report, three other people are in critical condition after the incident of hand sanitizer drinking. It is believed that all the seven people who drank hand sanitizer had methanol.

Health Secretary of Mexico, Kathy Kunkel said that if you think you have drunk a hand sanitizer with methanol, then seek medical help. It is believed that some people drank sanitizer as an alternative to alcohol. Kethi Kunkel said that drugs exist to protect people who drink methanol. But the sooner people come to the hospital, the greater the chances of recovery. Explain that exposure to an overdose of methanol can cause nausea, headaches, vomitting, lack of clarity, coma or permanent damage to the nervous system and death.

Prior to the Corona epidemic, the use of sanitizer was banned in many jails. There was a fear in the prison that the prisoners would drink it or could use it to set fire. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration of America appealed to people not to use sanitizer made by Eskbiochem SA, a Mexican company. Toxic chemical was described in this sanitizer. According to US officials, during the investigation of Eskbiochem SA sanitizer, it was found that the methanol adsorption of the skin can cause damage. It is not clear from which company the sanitizers were used by the dead people.

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