Siya Kakkar Suicide: Asim Riaz wrote the emotional post on the death of the TIKTOK star

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New Delhi The death of TikTok star Sia Kakkar still remains a puzzle for the Delhi Police which the police are trying to solve. Siya was just 16 years old. At such an age, Siya ended her life. Everyone is surprised by the death of the TikTok star. The fans have paid tribute to her, as well as some stars have expressed surprise at Siya’s move and have advised people to become strong.

Recently, TV actor Jai Bhanushali had told his fans through a video that suicide is not a solution. Now Bigg Boss fame Asim Riaz has also expressed grief over Siya’s death. Asim shared a laughing photo of Sia on her Instagram with which she wrote in the caption, ‘Unfortunate demise of a young talented girl who could have achieved so much in her life. Friends, you should be positive and firm in your life, only then you can erase any kind of negativity ‘.

Earlier, Jay shared a post on his Instagram and said, ‘Everybody has some problem in their life. In this epidemic, nobody’s life is going fantastic. Everyone is facing some or the other problem. But you cannot take this step. You are reducing your problem, but think about your parents, who have invested so much time, energy, emotions in you for 15,20, 30 years and you are watering all their hard work in one stroke Are turning. As a father, I wonder how children are taking this step so easily these days. Talk to someone if you have any problem. See a psychiatrist, but don’t take this step. Do not be inspired by suicide.

Let us tell you that Siya committed suicide by hanging her house on 26 June. Delhi Police is investigating this case. In this connection, the police are constantly questioning Siya’s relatives, acquaintances and school friends. Police has also questioned Siya Kakkar’s manager in this regard. Siya’s phone has also been seized.

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