Reason why women has more lust of sex than men

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Today we are going to tell you something similar that you will be surprised to know. It is also a disease that yearns to have sex. Sometimes sex becomes a necessity and also necessary, due to which women and men suffer.

Actually, there is also a disease of sex, due to which the woman starts to suffer for sex and wants her partner to have sex with her. Let me tell you that if the husband of a woman refuses to have sex every day, then he has to give gid to have sex in front of her husband. For this, doctors also say that the woman is suffering from a disease called genital stimulation disorder (PGAD). No concrete information has been found about this, but research is going on. In this, the woman begs for sex every day.

Researchers on this disease said that so far about 30 types of medicines have been given due to this disease, which did not make any difference. This sickness has happened to 23-year-old Amanda of America, due to which she is unable to do a job, while her fiance is supporting her due to this disease and is ready for sex every day.

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Post Author: Pranavi Joshi

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