US: People drank hand sanitizer to escape Corona, 3 killed, others in critical condition.

MEXICO CITY. The havoc of Corona continues throughout the world. The way to avoid this is to use the Hand Sanitizer continuously. But recently an incident has come to light that the hand sanitizer killed the people. This is the incident in Mexico, where three people died due to drinking hand sanitizer, while one person […]

Corona: Negligence of people made the virus a global pandemic

Iran and South Korea are also among the countries where Corona has caused the most devastation after China, Europe and America. But the question is that when all the world at their own level adopted the ways to avoid this virus, then how did this disease become an epidemic. So now the answer that has […]

Those who increase the risk of corona virus will now be considered ‘terrorists’, provision for life imprisonment

Washington The Department of Justice has now become strict on those who ignore the rules made in the US to deal with the Corona virus. Under the new order, those who carry the risk of corona virus to others will now be considered as terrorists here. According to CNN, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen has […]

Corona: In Italy, doctors were told – let the elderly people die, save the youngers

Rome. Coronavirus or Covid-19 has caused severe devastation in Italy after China. So far, more than 12000 cases of corona have been reported in Italy, out of which 827 people have died. There is a strict lockdown in Italy, in which people are being advised not to get out of the house. In a new […]