US: People drank hand sanitizer to escape Corona, 3 killed, others in critical condition.

MEXICO CITY. The havoc of Corona continues throughout the world. The way to avoid this is to use the Hand Sanitizer continuously. But recently an incident has come to light that the hand sanitizer killed the people. This is the incident in Mexico, where three people died due to drinking hand sanitizer, while one person […]

Corona: 961 people died in 24 hours in Spain, death toll crosses 53,000

Corona havoc is not taking the name to stop. According to Johns Hopkins University, a total of 10,15,403 people worldwide are infected with corona while 53,030 people have died. In the last 24 hours in America, 950 people lost their lives due to Corona. While more than 6,000 people have died in the US so […]

Coronavirus: Number of Infections crossed 100,000 in US, 18000 new cases in 24 hours

Washington. Corona virus (COVID19) has caused outrage in the US. According to a tracker maintained by Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with the corona virus has crossed 100,000. The rate of how fast the corona virus is spreading in the US can be estimated from the fact that there have been 18,000 […]

Panic in China due to rising corona outbreak in America, students paying up to 20 thousand dollars to return home

Beijing. After the outbreak of Corona virus in America, there is a lot of panic among Chinese students studying there. Everyone is in a hurry to return home. Students from affluent homes are paying up to 20 thousand dollars to get a seat in a private jet to reach home as soon as possible. Private […]

Corona’s rescue needs 30 lakh liters of sanitizer and 9 million masks every month! – WHO

Geneva. Now 148 countries of the world have come under the grip of Corona virus. According to the World Health Organization, 6610 people have died in the world so far. Presently 168019 cases have been confirmed. WHO is constantly issuing warnings to the whole world about this. While the entire focus of the organization is […]

Coronavirus: US starts trial of corona virus vaccine on humans, 45 people selected

The deadly corona virus is spreading rapidly in countries around the world after China. Amidst this pandemic, the US will begin clinical trials of the vaccine to protect the corona virus from today. A government official, on the condition of anonymity, said that the first participant for the trial would be vaccinated on Monday. He […]

Coronavirus Live Updates: India expels 218 students battling Corona virus from Italy

The corona virus that started in China has become an epidemic. It has spread to 137 countries including India. According to reports, as of Saturday, the number of infected worldwide has exceeded 150,000. So far, more than 5500 deaths have occurred in 137 countries. So far, there have been two deaths in India. While 93 […]

Corona Live: 151 countries infected and kills 5835 people: Trump’s test report negative, all restaurants closed in France

Washington. Coronavirus cases do not seem to stop at the moment. Till Sunday morning, a total of 1 lakh 56 thousand 533 cases were reported in the world. US President Donald Trump came into contact with two infected individuals. His test report has come negative. France has closed all restaurants and cafes in the country. […]

VIRAL PIC: People moving around in London to escape from Corona

The number of corona-infected patients in Britain is only 85, but panic has stirred the entire country. People are walking around in trains, markets and malls with plastic bags, bottles and containers. In many places, travelers are seen walking around with gas masks, children’s napkins and storage boxes. Such incidents have come to light between […]

New satellite images show mass graves in Iran, more than 10,000 people infected with COVID-19

New images taken from the satellite have seen large-scale graves in the Iranian city of Qom, raising concern about the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country. The media gave information about this. Iran is the most affected by the Corona virus after China and Italy. So far, 10075 infected cases have been confirmed. […]