Big news! TikTok withdraws from Google Play and Apple store after 59 Chinese apps were banned in India

EstoryDoor: India has banned 59 Chinese apps on Monday night. After this big decision of the government, the popular app Tiktok which is in the list has been removed from the Google play store. Not only this, it has been revealed that it has also been deleted from the Apple play store. Among the banned […]

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020: Significance Theme and Safety tips during Periods

Menstrual Cleanliness Day (World Periods Day) has been celebrated worldwide for the last five years. The main reason to celebrate it on the 28th is that women have periods within 28 days. Most women do not talk openly about periods, nor are they aware of the precautions to be taken during this period. There is […]

Another major danger hovering on the earth, the weakening earth’s magnetic field

EstoryDoor: The threat of Corona epidemic is not yet over that another big crisis is facing the world. We all have read that the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar radiation. But this magnetic field is getting weaker now (Earth magnetic field weakening). According to the report, the Earth’s magnetic field has lost 10 […]

Know about Tik Tok and how users create income from this app see here all things about this app

EstoryDoor: You must have heard the name of Tick Talk, which is a kind of social media app. On which people make weird videos, some show their talent, some do comedy and some upload videos while lip-smacking. Likes are not only thousands but millions in videos of many people. Now this is only in the […]

CBSE Datesheet 2020: CBSE released date sheet of 12th / 10th examinations, know which day is which paper

CBSE Datesheet 2020: CBSE Board has released the datesheet of the remaining 12th exams today on 18 May. According to the datasheet released today for the remaining Class 12 exams, the remaining examinations by subject will be conducted from July 1 to July 11, 2020. At the same time, according to the datesheet issued for […]

Femina Miss India 2020: How to register for ‘Miss India 2020’, this time these are the rules

Femina Miss India 2020: Right now the whole world including India is fighting a war against the corona virus epidemic. In such a situation, many big events of the country and the world have either been canceled or they are being held online ie virtual. In the past, Met Gala 2020 was also held virtually. […]

E-cigarette is as dangerous as tobacco cigarette to heart, research revealed

Washington. E-cigarettes are also as dangerous to the heart as tobacco cigarettes are. This is revealed in a research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Jessica L. Fitterman, assistant professor at Boston University School of Medicine, said in her study that many people think e-cigarettes are not more dangerous and are safer […]

First underwater metro train started in India, you can travel in this state

With the advancement of science, the country is also progressing, where earlier it had to wait for many days to travel from one place to another, now that journey can be decided in Minutes, in this episode, under water metro train in India now Has started and if you also want to enjoy such a […]

Holi Celebration: Play Holi colours according to zodiac sign, lucky colours for every zodiac sign

As you all know, there is little time left for Holi. In this way Holi is on 10 March this year. At the same time, everyone is desperate to celebrate the festival of Holi. Now today we are going to tell you which color will be beneficial for you according to zodiac signs. In fact, […]

Husqvarna Svartpilen 250, Vitpilen 250 is going to be launched this month, know what is special in this

Swedish motorcycle brand Husqvarna is going to launch its two new 250 cc premium motorcycles Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 and Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 in the Indian market in March 2020. The Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen 250 will be built on the basis of the company KTM 250 Duke and will offer similar engines. The company introduced […]