President Rouhani on target of fundamentalists in Iran, MPs asked to call for questioning

Dubai, Reuters. Amid growing dissatisfaction over the government’s economic policies, Iran’s hardline lawmakers plan to call President Hassan Rouhani for questioning. According to analysts, this step may take the form of impeachment against him going forward. Let us know that since the re-enactment of US sanctions in 2018, everyday life of Iranian people has become […]

Iran confesses, new centrifuge assembly center affected in fire at Natanz nuclear site

Tehran, AP. Iran has confirmed that a new centrifuge assembly center was a building damaged by the fire at the underground Natange nuclear site. Iran’s vital Natanz nuclear plant caught fire on Thursday. Confirming the incident, Iranian officials said that there were no reports of any casualties. He said that the plant is operational as […]

Iran files lawsuits against US over facing difficulties due to sanctions

Tehran, Agencies. Iran, facing difficulties in the Corona crisis due to US sanctions, has finally filed a case against the US in the International Court of Justice. The Tehran Times quoted a legal adviser to the Iranian president as saying that maintaining sanctions during an epidemic like the Covid-19 is an inhumane move by the […]

Fire in Iran’s Natanj nuclear plant, no casualties reported

Dubai, Reuters. Iran’s critical Natanz nuclear plant caught fire on Thursday. Confirming the incident, Iranian officials said there were no reports of any casualties. He said that the plant is operational as before. The danger of any kind of deadly radiation from a nuclear plant damaged by fire has been ruled out by Iran’s Atomic […]

Gas leak in northern Iran, horrific explosion in medical center, 19 people dead

Tehran, Agencies An explosion and fire at a medical facility north of Iran’s capital Tehran has killed 19 people. According to a regional official, the accident occurred due to a gas leak. News agency Sputnik quoted a statement given to a YJC news outlet by a deputy head of the Tehran police that the oxygen tank […]

Wear of face mask compulsory in public places despite loosening of sanctions in Iran

Tehran, Agency. The Iranian government has mandated the wearing of face masks in public areas after exempting lockdowns in Iran to prevent the spread of corona. At the Corona virus management meeting at the National Headquarters in Tehran on Sunday, President Rouhani said that despite loosening the lockdown, it would be mandatory to wear a […]

Is Iran doing a nuclear test somewhere, exploding at missile site, fireball in sky

Dubai, AP An explosion has occurred in the eastern mountainous region of Tehran, the capital of Iran. Analysts believe this to have occurred at the underground tunnel system and the missile production site. A huge fireball was seen in the sky of Tehran in the early Friday morning incident. What caused the explosion is unclear. […]

Blast in Iran from suspected missile site, claims based on satellite photos

Tehran: The explosion that shocked the capital of Iran was carried out from its eastern mountain region, which experts believe is a hidden underground tunnel system and missile production site. It has been claimed on the basis of satellite photos surfaced on Saturday. What exploded near Tehran on Friday has not been clear? After which […]

How Iran Law allows men to kill Family Women in name of Honor

Tehran: In the last one month, civil society began to wander after the horrific murders of three women in Iran (Murders in Iran). Raza Ashrafi assured the lawyer that he would not get special punishment by law, and then brutally murdered his 14-year-old daughter (Father Killed Daughter). After such reports, there has been a debate […]

Iran tests cruise missile in Gulf of Oman amidst escalation from US

Tehran, AP. Iran’s navy has tested cruise missile during maneuvers. On Thursday, a report by Iran’s official news agency, Irna, said that the tests were carried out in the Gulf of Oman. Describing the test as successful, the missile is said to have hit the target precisely 280 kilometers away. Last month, during a similar […]