Kartik Aaryan was Trending on Twitter now he reacted on Trends and said Trending dekh ke maza bada aata hai

New Delhi Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan is one of those stars who has become the choice of people after doing a few films. The actor made his special identity with the film Pyaar Ka Panchnama and has now made a special place in Bollywood. Kartik Aaryan’s fan following has grown so much that on Tuesday, […]

Big news! TikTok withdraws from Google Play and Apple store after 59 Chinese apps were banned in India

EstoryDoor: India has banned 59 Chinese apps on Monday night. After this big decision of the government, the popular app Tiktok which is in the list has been removed from the Google play store. Not only this, it has been revealed that it has also been deleted from the Apple play store. Among the banned […]