US: People drank hand sanitizer to escape Corona, 3 killed, others in critical condition.

MEXICO CITY. The havoc of Corona continues throughout the world. The way to avoid this is to use the Hand Sanitizer continuously. But recently an incident has come to light that the hand sanitizer killed the people. This is the incident in Mexico, where three people died due to drinking hand sanitizer, while one person […]

VIRAL PIC: People moving around in London to escape from Corona

The number of corona-infected patients in Britain is only 85, but panic has stirred the entire country. People are walking around in trains, markets and malls with plastic bags, bottles and containers. In many places, travelers are seen walking around with gas masks, children’s napkins and storage boxes. Such incidents have come to light between […]

Bihar’s teacher’s ‘magical calculator’ goes viral on social media, Shahrukh Khan said this

The brilliant calculation of a teacher from Bihar is going viral on social media in a tremendous way these days. In the video, this teacher is explaining the multiplication of nine by using the hand as a calculator in an extremely easy way. Such easy and effective math formula is being appreciated on social media […]