President Rouhani on target of fundamentalists in Iran, MPs asked to call for questioning

Dubai, Reuters. Amid growing dissatisfaction over the government’s economic policies, Iran’s hardline lawmakers plan to call President Hassan Rouhani for questioning. According to analysts, this step may take the form of impeachment against him going forward. Let us know that since the re-enactment of US sanctions in 2018, everyday life of Iranian people has become […]

Iran confesses, new centrifuge assembly center affected in fire at Natanz nuclear site

Tehran, AP. Iran has confirmed that a new centrifuge assembly center was a building damaged by the fire at the underground Natange nuclear site. Iran’s vital Natanz nuclear plant caught fire on Thursday. Confirming the incident, Iranian officials said that there were no reports of any casualties. He said that the plant is operational as […]

Coronavirus in UAE: 683 new cases confirmed, more than 51 thousand cases

Dubai, IANS. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 683 new cases of corona virus (COVID-19) were confirmed on Sunday. The total confirmed cases in the country have gone up to 51,540. The country’s Health Ministry gave information about this. During this period, 440 patients recovered from the infection and two died. So far, 40,297 patients […]

Jihadists fire in UN aid helicopter in Nigeria, 2 dead

Dakar, Ap. Suspected Islamic extremists opened fire at a UN helicopter in northeast Nigeria over the weekend, killing two people who were distributing relief materials to people in long-affected areas. President Muhammadu Buhari accused the militants associated with the extremist group Boko Haram and warned on Sunday evening that the attackers would not leave without […]

Democracy tightens in Hong Kong; Democracy supporters fall after protests ban

Hong Kong, Agency. With the implementation of the National Security Act of China in Hong Kong, the process of vigorous vigil on the supporters of democracy has started. The pro-China Carry Lam government has begun to vigorously implement the National Security Act to end dissent. The Lam government is eyeing public libraries after the new […]

Iran files lawsuits against US over facing difficulties due to sanctions

Tehran, Agencies. Iran, facing difficulties in the Corona crisis due to US sanctions, has finally filed a case against the US in the International Court of Justice. The Tehran Times quoted a legal adviser to the Iranian president as saying that maintaining sanctions during an epidemic like the Covid-19 is an inhumane move by the […]

Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West to contest US Presidential election, Elon Musk gives support

Los Angeles, EsD. American rapper Kanye West has announced that he will contest the presidential election in November. Kanye’s move has been endorsed by famous industrialist Elon Musk. If Kanye West contests the presidential election, he will face current President Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden. Kanye West, husband of model and actress […]

Iranian Nuclear Base destroyed by Israeli Cyber Attack Bombs dropped by F-35 Aircraft

Jerusalem, Agencies. Israel has ruined Iran’s nuclear base with a vigorous cyber attack. While one explosion took place at the uranium enrichment center, the other exploded at the missile manufacturing center. According to the report by Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jazeera, these attacks were carried out in the past. On the other hand, Iran has threatened […]

Even Afghan President’s family is not safe too, Ashraf Ghani’s cousin shot dead

Kabul, AFP. Terrorism is once again on the rise in Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani’s cousin was stabbed to death in his home in Kabul, the country’s capital. He is shot and killed. In such a situation, it can be thought that the spirits of terrorists are very high. The President’s family is not the only […]

Fire in Iran’s Natanj nuclear plant, no casualties reported

Dubai, Reuters. Iran’s critical Natanz nuclear plant caught fire on Thursday. Confirming the incident, Iranian officials said there were no reports of any casualties. He said that the plant is operational as before. The danger of any kind of deadly radiation from a nuclear plant damaged by fire has been ruled out by Iran’s Atomic […]