The most expensive Golgappa is available in this hotel in India, the price of one piece will blow your senses

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Everyone likes Golgappa In India, this is known by many names. At the same time, Golgappa is always known as India’s most favorite snack. Being a mouth-watering snack for just Rs 20 or Rs 10, there is no doubt in accepting it as main street food. However, the price of Golgappa in a restaurant in Delhi is astonishing.

Let me tell you that there is such a restaurant in Delhi where you will have to pay about Rs 188 for just 1 Golgappa. Ho na na surprised, we are rightly saying, however, if you order a plate with four golgappas, you will have to pay full 750 rupees. It is available at Hotel Pullman located in Golgappa Delhi.

This is a hotel where if you feel like eating Golgappa then it is more important to check before you eat whether you have any money or not. The taste of this Pani Puri is normal compared to other shops. Money is being spent on it just by sitting in luxury hotels.

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Post Author: Pranavi Joshi

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