This is the most expensive water bottle in the world, a bottle is worth 42 lakh rupees

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EstoryDoor: We all know how important water is in life. If you are thirsty and do not get water, then it seems you will die. According to a research, a man can live for four weeks without eating, but can live only for 4 days without water. Usually, when we travel by railway, a bottle of water is also available for ₹ 20-25. But even this small price we feel very much.

Let me tell you that there is a water bottle that costs $ 60000. If we look at this in Indian rupees, then it is about 42 lakh rupees. This water is extracted from the water spring of France and Fiji. This water bottle was made by Paulo de Veeraji. 25 grams of gold in gold is added to this water. The bottle is decorated with 24 carat gold. It has more variety like diamond, platinum and silver. The company making this water has to travel very far and has to provide only the cleanest water because of this it is so expensive. However, it does not cost much to make the water because the company makes a lot of water together. Drinking this water improves a person’s health and reduces stress. It reduces body fat and fat as soon as you drink it.

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Post Author: Pranavi Joshi

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