Unhappy with breakup, drunken woman breaks plane window, had to make emergency landing

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Beijing In China, a case has come to light in which a woman has tried to intentionally crash a plane (Plane crash). According to the news, this woman had a breakup and after that she drank a lot of alcohol on the plane and started making uproar. When people was tried to stop it, she started breaking its window to crash the plane. They had to make an emergency landing after the plane window cracked.

According to a news from Gulf News, when this incident came, the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 30000 feet. Pictures of this woman on social media are becoming quite viral on social media. The woman’s name is being told as Lee and she was traveling on Flight 8528 of Loong airline. She drank a lot of alcohol during her journey, after which she started crying loudly and creating uproar. When people and crew members tried to stop it, She started breaking the plane’s window. This woman was controlled with great difficulty, but by then the glass window of the plane was drenched and after that, the emergency landing of the plane had to be done for safety.


Drank half a liter of alcohol

According to the information received, the woman had drank a large amount of China’s local liquor called Baijiu before boarding the plane. Tests have revealed that the woman had drunk more than half a liter of alcohol. Zhengzhou police said that the woman was left by her boyfriend, which made her very upset and sad and was trying to commit suicide. Due to the woman’s actions, emergency landing had to be done at Zhengzhou International Airport in Plain. After this, the police has arrested this woman.

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