Watch Hollywood’s best movies sitting in lockdown

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Everyone is imprisoned at home due to Corona. Because of this, everyone is doing something new to erase their boredom in the house. Today we are going to tell you about those Hollywood films. Which has been a super hit. Hollywood films are praised all over the world. Hollywood films not only give viewers something new to watch every time, but also show their power at the box office as well. The Matrix, Speed, Terminator are some such films that people can watch again and again. But these films are a hallmark, Hollywood has given many such unique films. Between the lockdowns you have a chance to watch these films. If you have doubts about which movie to watch and which not, then here we are going to give you the names of some of the best films that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Top Gun
Tom Cruise’s film ‘Top Gun’, which came about 34 years ago, created history as soon as it was released. Not only in terms of earning, but the film also completed a ‘Secret Mission’ of the American Army. The film ‘Top Gun’ is based on an article published in 1983 in a California magazine with the same name. This article was about the US Navy training program ‘Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Program’ (SFTI). SFTI is also known as Top Gun. Under this program, pilots attached to the Navy are trained to fly fighter jets. At the time, watching Tom Cruise’s film ‘Top Gun’, there was such a craze among the people that he was opened to the counter outside the cinema hall for his recruitment.

Leonardo DiCaprio played Jack and Kate Winslet as Rose in the film. The romantic scene between the two also became very popular. This film gave DiCaprio all he deserves. The film Titanic released in 1997 had a worldwide gross of about $ 2.187 billion. Avatar, released in 2009 after 12 years, broke its earnings record. Even after 23 years, people miss the incomplete love of Jack and Rose. After the ship sinks in the film’s climax, Jack lives in an icy sea to save Rose.

Avatar had a turnover of $ 2.749 billion i.e. Rs 18957 crore on its first release in Theaters, although it did a further turnover of $ 330 million on the second release of the film. The film was directed by James Cameron. It is the second highest grossing film in the world.

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