Wear of face mask compulsory in public places despite loosening of sanctions in Iran

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Tehran, Agency. The Iranian government has mandated the wearing of face masks in public areas after exempting lockdowns in Iran to prevent the spread of corona. At the Corona virus management meeting at the National Headquarters in Tehran on Sunday, President Rouhani said that despite loosening the lockdown, it would be mandatory to wear a mask for two weeks in all public areas in Iran from July 5. He said that if necessary, this rule will be applicable in the next month also. He was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying that those who disobey these rules will be punished, they will not be spared.

Strict standards in sensitive states of Iran

According to Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirachi, states at risk of infection will be strictly adhered to by physical distance and face mask regulations. He said that due to disregard of these rules, the corona virus has spread rapidly in many parts of the country. The Deputy Health Minister said that it would be mandatory to follow these protocols to prevent the spread of corona virus. He said that people with no masks would not be able to offer their services in areas such as government organizations and shopping malls. Rouhani said on Sunday that the Ministry of Health provided a list of areas at high risk of corona virus.

The country is going through a difficult period due to American sanctions

Rouhani said that the current year is the most difficult for the country. The country is going through a difficult period. He said that the Corona epidemic along with US sanctions has worsened the country’s economic situation. Iran is reeling under tremendous economic pressure. He said with confidence that this bad time will soon end with the unity of the Islamic Republic.

Corona patients exceed 222,669

Let us tell you that on February 19, Iran reported a case of corona virus. IRNA reported that since the end of this month, restrictions imposed during the Corona epidemic are being gradually relaxed. Please tell that the number of corona patients in Iran has crossed 222,669. In his daily briefing, Sima Saadat Lari, spokeswoman for Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education, said that 1,406 new cases of corona have been reported in Iran in the last 24 hours. The Corona epidemic has killed 10,508 people so far. In the last 24 hours, 144 people have died from Corona.

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